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"For-comrades-in-arms." - In game description


The AKM is an assault rifle in PUBG Mobile. It is often used by experienced players and pros. However, its recoil makes it difficult to use, which made a lot of players afraid of it's recoil, akm is best used spraying in close range or single tapping like a DMR in mid to long range because of it's high damage and high recoil.

Recomended attachments[]

sights - 4x / 6x - if you have a canted sight , red dot if you don't.

muzzle - compensator or the muzzle brake - to tame the violent recoil

magazine - drum mag or extented mag would work it depends on your situation


it is recommended to only use full auto in close range, only use full auto at range if you wanna miss all of your shots or you can control the violent recoil ,if you can't control the recoil use it like a dmr at range it's almost as good as a mini 14 at range if you single tap fire at range, and oit also gives you 10 more bullet which allows you to shoot for a longer time before reloading unlike vss, overall the akm is a fantastic all rounder weapon if you use it properly.