"Obtained from air drops. It is the most powerful single bolt sniper rifle and fires unique magnum rounds. Deals extremely high damage and ignores rank 3 headgear. But, only for long distance, of course."


AWM is a Sniper Rifle (Bolt Action) available in PUBG Mobile. It is the most powerful Sniper Rifle (Bolt Action) in the game. It has the longest range than any other gun in the game. It is only available in Air Drops.


The AWM has four attachments: Sight, Muzzle, Mag, Stock.


  • Icon attach red dot sight Red Dot Sight
  • Icon attach holo sight Holographic Sight
  • Icon attach 2x scope 2X Scope
  • Icon attach 3x scope 3SS Scope
  • Icon attach 4x scope 4X Scope
  • Icon attach 6x scope 6X Scope
  • Icon attach 8X scope 8X Scope (recomended)

Side Scope

  • Canted Sight


  • Compensator (Snipers) Compensator (Snipers)
  • Flash Hider (Snipers) Flash Hider (Snipers)
  • Supressor (Snipers) Suppressor (Snipers) (recommended)


  • Quickdraw Mag (Snipers) Quickdraw Mag (Snipers)
  • Extended Mag (Snipers) Extended Mag (Snipers)
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag (Snipers) Extended Quickdraw Mag (Snipers) (recommended)


  • Icon Cheek Pad Cheek Pad (recommended)


  • its one of the only 2 weapons that can 1 hit kill lv 3 helmet (Other one is crossbow.)


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