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Hit Damage 43
Initial Bullet Speed 870
Body Hit Impact Power 9,000
Zero Range 100 - 600
Ammo Per Mag 30
Time Between Shots 0.096s
Firing Modes Single, Auto
Burst Shots -
Burst Delay -
Method Magazine
Duration (Full) 2.200s
Duration (Tactical) 1.900s
Rarity Uncommon
Base 4.00
Aiming Modifier 0.13
ADS Modifier 0.02
Firing Base 9
Crouch Modifier 0.50
Prone Modifier 0.20
Walk Modifier 2.00
Run Modifier 5.00
Jump Modifier 15.00
Base 3.0
Base (Aim) 1.20
Base (ADS) 0.01
Recoil Gain 1.30
Recoil Gain (Aim) 0.80
Recoil Gain (ADS) 0.02
Max Limit 8.00
Move Modifier Limit 0 - 3
Move Velocity Reference 0 - 300
Crouch Modifier 0.80
Prone Modifier 0.60
Vert. Clamp 0 - 7
Vert. Speed 15.00
Vert. Recovery Clamp 10.00
Vert. Recovery Max 15.00
Vert. Recovery Modifier 0.50
HOR. Speed 11.00
HOR. Tendency + 0.10
Left Max - 0.80
Right Max 0.80
Speed 12.00
Recovery Speed 6.00
Pattern Scale 0.70
Value Climb 0.75
Value Fall 2.20
Crouch Modifier 0.80
Prone Modifier 0.60
Pitch 1.00
Yaw Offset 1.00
Movement Modifier 1.50
Crouch Modifier 0.50
Prone Modifier 0.20
Camera DOF
Range 35.00
Near Range 50.00
Power 1.00
Pickup Delay 150 ms
Ready Delay 500 ms
Former Data
Ammo Type 5.56
Magazine Size 30
Extended Magazine Size 40
Bulk 500
Capacity 500
Attachment Points 4
Type Assault Rifle
Firing Modes Semi-auto & Full-auto
Modern assault rifle.
Body Damage
Level 0 43
Level 1 30.10
Level 2 25.80
Level 3 19.30
Headshot Damage
Level 0 101
Level 1 70.70
Level 2 60.60
Level 3 45.40

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The SCAR-L is an assault rifle type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.

The SCAR-L is the light variant of the FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle), a gas-operated short-stroke gas piston automated rifle chambered to a variety of casings. It was originally developed by FN Herstal for the United States Special operations Command (SOCOM) as an entry to the SCAR Competition, a competition to find the new service rifle for SOCOM. As of 2015, the rifle was in service in over 20 countries.[1]

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Summary Edit

The SCAR-L is a great assault rifle in Battlegrounds as it has low recoil and a good firerate on full auto. With a vertical grip and compensator the rifle can comfortably be used on full auto even with a 4x scope. The main drawback is its restrictive iron sights, so finding a reflex sight or scope should be a priority when finding this weapon. It also has the slowest bullet speed of the 5.56mm rifles, although this is still much faster than the 7.62mm rifles.


|“ |Modern assault rifle. |„ |- | |In-game description | |}

Attachments Edit

Master list

The following are all attachments available for this weapon. They are sorted alphabetically with no regard to the attachment point utilized.

Image Name
[1] 3x Scope
[2] 4x ACOG Scope
[3] 6x Scope
[4] Angled Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)
Compensator for AR, S12K
Extended Mag for AR, S12K
Extended QuickDraw Mag for AR, S12K
Flash Hider for AR, S12K
Half Grip
Holographic Sight
Light Grip
QuickDraw Mag for AR, S12K
Red Dot Sight
Suppressor for AR, S12K
Thumb Grip
Vertical Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)

Trivia Edit

  • The SCAR-L is based on the FN SCAR-L-STD variant of the SCAR family of rifles, as evident by its 14.5 inch barrel.
  • When fitted with a flash hider, the flash hider takes on the appearance of the birdcage style flash hider found on the SCAR-H.
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